Depression kill. Help heal someones pain.

I took some time off from writing about programming to say something about depression. I have come across many people who have taken their life because they were depressed and had no one to share their day to day hardships in life. You need a good support system when you are depressed, and things happen to get worse when you find out you don’t have any.

I recently came across the suicide of Bollywood’s Sushant Singh Rajput, it was unfortunate for an award-winning actor not to have anyone trustworthy to share his sorrows with. Being a celebrity and having millions of fans around the world, there sure would have been at least one person who would volunteered to help. There would have been at least one psychologist or one psychiatric who would have even given a free consultation  at least considering his fame and popularity. But the problem is that a person will only share their sorrows or pain with someone he/she considers trusted. Having no one trustworthy, to help at a time when you need them the most surge pain and leads to take once own life.

I feel sorry for all the men and women who’s going through depression. I feel sorry for them for not having a trustworthy person to help. I feel angry for the so-called friends, family and loved-once who are contributors for once depression. I feel angry for the people who aggravate problems.

Depression will never aggravate, if there’s just one person to help. If you know anyone in your family or friend circle who’s depressed you should be ashamed of yourself, you have failed the test of humanity.

Be genuine. Start Helping.