7 Steps to host your static website on S3 – Part2


Part 1 of the Amazon S3 beginner to hero series

You could leverage on the security, durability, availability and scalability by hosting it on S3. In 7 steps you could easily configure the bucket for website hosting and upload the content of your static website.

  1. Create a Bucket with the desired website host-name ex: TheHungryFatCoder
  2. Upload the static flies to the bucket.
  3. Make all files public. Ex: images, .html files etc.
  4. Enable static website hosting for Bucket. Includes specifying an index and error file.
  5. The website will be available at URL ex: bucketName.S3-website-AWS_Region.amazonaws.com
  6. Create a DNS name in your domain name for the website using a DNS CNAME or Amazon Route53 alias that resolves to the S3 website URL.
  7. http://thehungryfatcoder.com The website will be active and accessible.


Stay tuned for Part 3. 

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